I enjoyed this book.

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This book contains one twist after another. I definitely enjoyed this read. As soon as I thought I knew what was going on something new popped up and took me by TOTAL surprise. This is the type of book I like. Something that keeps me guessing with lots of suspense. While not quite a five star it was close. For those that read this I doubt it disappoints.
At first I thought this book was a little familiar. A manipulative, controlling husband and an unhappy bored woman trying to be 'perfect' suburban wife but failing miserably and then obsessing about her soon-to-be replacement, but nothing is as it seems. There are so many twists in this plot and I wasn't ready for any of them. The relationships between the three main players and the assumptions you make about their motives and aims will be constantly shifting and re-adjusting as you read, right up until the last chapter.