Didn't See That Coming

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Any psychological, mystery book with crazy twists and turns that are solely written around a strong female lead- is the basis for some of the best books! And I am here for all of it! I was for caught by the cover of the book. The colors and the picture caught my interest - and then I moved onto the back of the book and the reviews that followed.

Being am from Westchester County- within 30 minutes of the city-and this story taking place there it was fun for me to picture some places she could have lived, and been to.

The story starts off with the point of view of two different women. At least that is what you assume. But when it comes to this book, you really need to assume nothing. Pay attention to everything, read between the lines, and hope that you are correct in how you think this book will play out.

I cannot wait to read more from these two authors.