"Assume nothing."

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WOW! This one captivated me. Assume nothing is such an understatement. Honestly, when flipping page to page just don’t assume AT ALL. Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen will lead you down a completely different path than you could ever expect.

Initially, I felt there was a slow start as the backstory of the characters were laid out. Although I did note that Hendricks & Pekkanen portrayed that something ominous was going to happen, I did not see the twists that came. Especially that which came once I veered Part II of this novel. I had to close the book and soak in all that I just read. Evaluate the bomb that Hendricks & Pekkanen just dropped on me. My whole perspective on the start of this novel immediately changed. It was not a slow start but a well written and suspenseful lead up to a twist I never saw coming.

I apologize for the bare bones review, but to elaborate on its plot, its characters, and so forth will only ruin your reading experience of this intelligently written psychological twister. It is so difficult to discuss this book without revealing surprisingly juicy spoilers, so I shall refrain. What I can tell you is get this book, read this book. The hype that surrounds it is with reason!