Such a good thriller

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This second novel was sooooo so so so much better than the first Jane Hawk book. Koontz seems to have gotten the hang of writing a thriller, with short chapters that are told in the third person, and switch characters every time. It was truly quite hard to put down due to these switchy characters.

The book also had a few true "oh SHIT" moments, such as with Luther's family. The book was still pretty long and there were a few erroneous parts that probably could have been left out.

The lake resort was just creepy - what sadistic bastard came up with this! We have two branches of the main group now, who else is there besides Hendrickson? Also that's not a spoiler.

I felt let down by the ending, it was a lot of build up.....for what actually happened with D. Who knows, some people may love it but I was like 😳 really? His descriptive Ianguage boggles my mind down too at times - for these reasons I did not 5 star the book. I felt like I could have read this book without reading the first one, and I can probably read the last one and feel pretty secure.
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