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Do You Play Manchurian?

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Koontz has provided us with a razor-sharp thriller involving a rogue FBI agent on the run, mind-control, twisted conspiracies, bizarre suicides, hi-tech surveillance, hidden pockets of survivors, distrust, paranoia, gun battles, and all kinds of continual non-stop action. He effectively combines elements of crime thrillers and science fiction elements and provides one helluva rocking story.

Thanks to Random House -Ballantine for providing an advance readers copy of this book. Normally I avoid popular airport newsstand authors, but I am glad to have finally discovered Koontz. This is actually book two in the series, but I found that, while reading "The Silent Corner" would have been helpful, it was not a prerequisite. What was at stake - freedom, individuality, personhood - was made quite clear.

Jane Hawk is a bold new heroine in a strange new world where no one can ever be fully trusted again. Do you want to play Manchurian?