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You never know what family is like.

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At its heart, this book is about family. Most especially, it's about fathers and sons. We concern ourselves with two families. One of them contains a serial killer. The other is even more dysfunctional. Grandfather is a police detective, who caught the serial killer. Father is an author caught in the biggest writer block you can imagine as he unsuccessfully tries to deal with his wife's sudden death. The son is a 6 year old boy.
British psychological thrillers are a thing right now. This highly readable book is a worthy entry in the collection. Things are revealed as they need to be. Some reactions by some of the characters may seem a little heightened, but are still within reason. I especially liked Jake, the little boy. While presented as slightly psychic or maybe just haunted, he is every bit the confused, anxious child one would expect after one learns that he found his mother after she died.
There are enough police procedural elements to qualify this story as a crime novel. That is likely where it will be placed in my library. I enjoyed reading it very much.