Still Reeling

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This was the perfect creepy October read! Despite being very hesitant regarding the subject matter (I am the type that can’t even watch Law and Order: SVU due to the nature of the show), I was very intrigued by all the rave reviews, and once I saw it on a “must read for Halloween” list, I was finally sold. “Shook” doesn’t even start to describe the feeling I had after reading this. The story is pitch perfect in its pacing, and the characters resonate so well, even though it is told from multiple perspectives and switches from first person to third depending on the character. It’s ambitious, especially coming from a debut author, but it works well with the narrative and keeps the reader guessing. This is one of those books that is hard to talk about without spoiling anything, so I will leave anyone interested in it with this: don’t leave a door half open.