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Spook-tastic thriller of the year!

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The Whisper Man revolves primarily around Tom and his six year-old son Jake. After the loss of his wife he decides to pick-up and move to the idyllic town of Featherbank. But it seems Featherbank is harboring some creepy, dark secrets and what's creepier than a serial killer who whispers to children through their windows at night? Nothing...nothing is creepier than that.

One of my favorites things about this book was the multiple POVs . This story gives you a really cool insight into every single character who plays a major role in whats to come. The multiple POVs also make everyone feel like a suspect. If you have trust issues, this book will definitely mess with them.

The Whisper Man will make the hairs on the back of your neck rise and keep you second guessing the entire time!

Trigger warnings: kidnapping, murder, death of a child, grief.