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I have chills!

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The book gave me a very uneasy and tense feeling in just the first chapter. I was interested in the story after only 2 or 3 pages because of the tense atmosphere . After only a few pages you can already see where the book gets its titl, there is a kidnapper following a young boy named Neil, he comes up behind him and whispers his name and then the story just moves on to a different character, it's very creepy and leaves you wondering what Neil's reaction was. The descriptions are very vivid, as you're reading you can almost see everything playing out in your head. I especially like that there is two storylines blending into one in the book, one of a father and son, the other of detective Pete who is searching for the missing child Neil. There is somethung that is continually getting mentioned, something that happened with detective Pete 20 years ago, something about a missing child. I'm excited to find out what it is.