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Great debut!

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What a debut book! This was a BOTM selection and I'm so glad I chose it.

Tom and his 7 year old son, Jake, move to Featherbank to escape the sadness of their previous house after Tom's wife (Jake's mom) passes away suddenly. Several years earlier, a young boy was kidnapped in Featherbank by the Whisper Man, who whispers outside the home of the victim to lure them out. The Whisper Man is caught and in jail serving his sentence.

Shortly after Tom and Jake move there, another young boy is abducted. Did The Whisper Man have an accomplice or is this a copycat? Detectives Amanda Beck and Pete Willis are investigating the newest abduction but Pete is still haunted by an earlier case involving The Whisper Man because one of the boys' bodies has never been found.

And then Jake starts talking to an imaginary friend who tells him a poem about The Whisper Man and then Jake starts hearing whispering outside his window.....