An Intriguing & Twisty Ride

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Legacies can be both shining and rotten, and we all wonder what we might be remembered for when we're gone. What parents leave behind for their children, both good and bad, is at the core of "The Whisper Man". Set against the bleak and desolate backdrop of a town that's down on its luck, we meet Tom, a failing writer, and his son, Jake, a boy reeling from the death of his mother. As children begin to go missing and the shadow of serial killer Frank Carter looms large, you'll find yourself questioning who you can trust. Often, the concept of an unreliable narrator can point you directly toward who the actual killer is. But North keeps you on your toes, and you never truly know anyone (or their motives) until the very end. While the narrative lagged at some points and I tired of Tom's "down-on-his-luck" attitude, the unique premise and hairpin twists and turns kept me enthralled to the very end.