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Just a “hunch”

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“ I’m sorry I lied...” Hmmmmmm.....

This is just my initial hunch but.....what if Frank Carter was wrongfully accused and is not the “Whisper Man” at all? What if the real killer is Tom and he’s taken a break and come back to Featherbank after his wife’s death...and what exactly happened to her?! That’s just my sneaky suspicion though, maybe I just have read one too many thrillers ...

One of my best friends was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book and she is reading it and absolutely loving it! It would be awesome to be able to get my hands on a copy of this early too to see what she has been raving about! I’m all about thrillers and mysteries, but something tells me that this one is going to keep me up at night !!

Thank you for the opportunity.

Celadon Books released my FAVORITE book of this year “ The Silent Patient,” which absolutely blew my mind! It is not often that ANY book leaves me speechless, not to mention I didn’t predict even one of those plot twists ! I have the utmost confidence that this book will be a HUGE winner!