So cute!

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so cute! Alexa and Drew are now my all time favorite book couple and I loved hearing their story. Do I wish I could scream into the book "just say how you feel!" throughout? Yes. But did I also love seeing two un-perfect adults work through their issues to form a strong, genuine connection? Also yes. Of course, I also loved that Alexa was successful and ambitious in her career and that she wasn't afraid to eat a donut (or two). And on top of that, both Alexa and Drew encouraged each other's career ambitions and success, and were there for help and support every step of the way.

And on top of all that, the incredible descriptions of food and Bay Area culture (where I grew up) really made this a home run for me. Guillory's writing style kept me hooked and I will surely be picking up more of her work. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a sweet rom-com!