Not For Me

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There were parts of this book that really clicked and worked for me and other parts that just totally missed the mark. I loved Alexa as a character but Drew left me with complicated feelings about love and the relationship that I felt we should be rooting for, in the end it was a book that left me feeling like Drew and Alexa probably shouldn't end up together....

I want to start by highlighting what this book did right in my opinion. Firstly, I love that Alexa and Drew are an interracial couple and the conversations that would come up in a relationship were discussed rather than beating around the subject matter. I appreciated Alexa as a character, she was a strong woman who was passionate about her work and her dreams- it was easy to support her! Lastly, I love fake dating, I think it is a cute trope and loved it in this book.

Now, the things I wasn't so crazy about mostly centered around 2 main points. To begin, I hate miscommunication as a trope. So much of this story didn't need to happen if the characters just talked to each other- it made it hard to root for a couple if they can't even discuss their needs and boundaries. I also did not like Drew. He was possessive in a way that raised red-flags, it was not romantic. I couldn't honestly cheer these characters as a couple because they were so toxic to one another.

I think this book was well written and the plot was fast paced but I can't see myself carrying on with this series- I think Jasmine Guillroy is very talented the characters just missed the mark for me!