Make a date with The Wedding Date!

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Romances are not my typical go-to read, especially when it's fake love to true love, but I could not put this book down. In this debut novel, we meet Alexa and Drew, Stuck in an elevator during a power outage, they quickly bond over cheese and crackers, and Drew asks Alexa to be his date for a wedding. As expected, they hit off at the wedding and a romance ensues, but it's not a carefree romance. Both Alexa and Drew are passionate about their careers and Drew is not the "girlfriend kind of guy". Beyond that, they are also an interracial couple, dealing with the ignorance of outsiders viewing their relationship, doubting what their relationship is, how long they'll last.

Overall, this book is a fun read that touches on some deeper issues. A great read for the month of February (and all year-round)!