Honestly dissappointed

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I honestly debated between 2.5 and 3 stars for a while but decided to round up because it's not a bad book, it just wasn't for me.

There was definitely a lot of chemistry between Alexa and Drew throughout the story which is what kept me reading. However, I did feel like their relationship revolved too much around sex and did not have enough substance for what I typically look for in a romance novel. Now, part of this could be because this is one of the first adult romances I've read but ultimately I started getting annoyed by how much of the book they spent having sex and that's the only part of their relationship I remember.

I really, really loved Carlos as a side character though and he honestly might be my favorite character in the entire book. I think he was a great friend to Drew and even Alexa. He was incredibly funny and gave great advice to Drew when it came to Alexa.

All I know is that I left this book feeling underwhelmed and knowing I would never pick it up again.