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Great rom-com!

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LOVED this! Such a delightful, light, sexy rom-com!

We follow the journey of Alexa and Drew who meet by chance in an elevator that breaks down. During their time together, Drew reveals he's in town for a wedding he's dreading having to attend and doesn't have a date. He ends up asking Alexa who agrees to accompany him and thus begins the story of (as I've affectionately dubbed them) Dalexa.

I loved Drew and Alexa. Drew is a paediatrician from LA. He's charming, witty, and sweet (and super cute with his patients). Alexa is a former lawyer who is now basically the righthand woman to the mayor of Berkeley. She is independent, smart, hard-working, and just overall perfect lovely. They had an addicting chemistry and I couldn't get enough of them. Both characters are passionate about their careers and I like that the book had a subplot surrounding their careers showing just how dedicated they were to their professions which in turn brought out positive personality traits in both (especially Alexa with her arts program for at-risk youth). I loved that this book featured an interracial relationship; Alexa being black and Drew being white. While this didn't complicate things for them, it definitely served as an opportunity for Alexa to check Drew on the privilege that comes with being white (especially a white male). I loved that he didn't shut her down or try to defend himself but instead willingly allowed her to educate him and open his eyes to that (sad) reality.

I think this is the third book I've read this year where the leading female character is black (the other two being Keep Her Safe and Cruel Summer). It's amazing being able to picture myself (a black woman) as the leading lady; yay for representation (people from minority groups know just how important and good this feels)! I loved having a character I could truly identify with (the positive experiences made me feel like "yasss sis!" and the negative experiences had me like "ugh, sis I been there, too").

Another small detail the author paid particular attention to (which I applaud her for) was safe sex; the characters always used condoms.

Overall, this book was a fun, comedic, light read (perfect for summer) that highlighted the importance of communication and understanding in a relationship, especially that of an interracial relationship, without getting too deep (most of the small difficulties Alexa and Drew encountered weren't because they were from different races, but the book also showed how they dealt with those issues). I had to give it five stars because it gave me everything I love in a rom-com; comedy, sex, conflict and cute moments (without being overly cheesy), but also a strong, successful leading lady I could picture as myself!