Fabulous Romance

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Absolutely adored this story. It begins as a chance meeting in an elevator that ends up breaking down trapping two strangers, Alexa and Drew. Drew, a doctor from LA, is recently single and about to attend a wedding between his ex-girlfriend and best friend. The problem is Drew doesn’t have a date and really doesn’t want to go alone. Along comes Alexa, a lawyer from San Francisco, who agrees to act as wingwoman and faux-girlfriend for a night of free food, booze, and dancing. However, Alexa and Drew secretly start having feelings for each other. Thus begins a few months fling of flying back and forth between LA and San Francisco. But is the long distance sustainable? Or is Drew, a chronic player, just looking for a fun time and then going to bounce? Read this book to find out! You won’t be disappointed. Super cute story and I highly recommend.