Drew my boy

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I think I is really fun and I am now in love with him.So I am definitely going to steal him and marry him in my imagination.I have a thing for this cartoon book covers we know this already.I am so love thins book.At first I thought it was going to be a weird romance story.I really like the plot of the story I don’t I have read a book with this plot.So that will be funny to try out.I really love the authors writing .It slow and detailed but not in a boring way.I have to admit I kinda got lost in t
He point of view of each person.I didn’t know were drew stared and Alexa began.But I kinda got the hang of it now I hope cause I still have to read the rest of the book.I am excited to see where this goes.I am definitely going to read and read and then re read this book.I just have a feeling I am going to like it like a lot .
So off I am to read it Bye and you go read it too see yaaa.