Three dimensional characters and unexpected twists

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I loved this book from the very start and really can't find anything I didn't like.
The premise drew me to this book as cult cultures have always intrigued me. Why do people follow? Why does someone start a cult? What happens to these people when the cult fails? This author gives the reader characters that made me believe the possibilities for the answers to my questions and kept me turning the pages long after bed time.

Here's what made this a highly rated book for me:

1) The writing--the metaphors alone are genius and signs of a talented artist

2) The characters--these people popped off the pages, especially Miriam and Aaron, my favorites

3) The cult society felt spot on

4) The family and friendship
5) Learning what it means to speak for yourself and finding your own voice

6) The suspense and pacing

7) The twists I NEVER saw coming and LOVED

8) All the emotions this book brought out in me

Bravo to this author! I will read her next book and can't wait to see what she does next.