though provoking

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Though provoking is probably the best word to use for this book. I loved the dismantling of the use of bible verses in defense of patriarchal behavior. I also loved the discovering of the belief of oneself and coming into your own. Very few YA books about cults and this one is highly recommended. I thought at first from the blurb that this would be Dystopian, but it's about a cult, the lengths a person in power will go to keep their followers in line and the sheer delusion of those trapped on the inside. This novel really explores the ideas of indoctrination, truth, belief, faith, and the importance of having a voice. Would I recommend this book? I do not know, I do not know how much this book would resonate with me but it was definitely interesting and made me think well after I finished the last page. I consider that to be impressive but as of now I do not know what to think.