Ooh I loved this book

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Such a great book about thinking for yourself or having someone think for you!

New Jerusalem is where Miriam lives and in New Jerusalem you must follow the Lords way and Daniel's way. Daniel claims God comes to him and tells him what needs to be done. In fact, Daniel does not even allow people to choose who they are to love. God does it for them, through the way of dreams. When children are old enough, they come to the Matrimony cermony where the young men declare who has come to them in their dreams and that is who they shall marry.
Miriam believes in all of this. She has dreamed of caleb and she knows Caleb has dreamed of her but all goes wrong when her name is called by Aaron who was not born in Jerusalem, but who Miriam had saved moments earlier from a snake.
Miriam has to adjust to her new life with Aaron while still loving Caleb and is doubting Daniel as a leader since he is insisting that she is meant to be with Aaron and not Caleb.
Its a well written story about one women finding her voice.