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Modern day cult with a touch of feminism

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True Rating: 3.5/5

Miriam lives in a cult. But she doesn't know it is a cult. She was born into it. She, her mother and all the others in their community, follow the words of Daniel, a self-proclaimed prophet of God.

Miriam and her friends are set to take part in a special marriage ceremony. The girls and boys have been separated from childhood and therefore not allowed to talk to each other. But with a little help from Daniel, the boys will pick their future wife. Caleb knows Miriam is destined to be his wife. But when the ceremony goes awry, Miriam ends up wed to newcomer Aaron, and Caleb is wifeless.

What ensues is Miriam discovering the truth of her living situation. That Daniel is not as all-powerful as he proclaims to be. That she has better options out in the real world.