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Any mention of the word 'cult' and I believe anyone's interest is immediately piqued. Such was the case when my 15 year old nephew and I were sharing our current list of books we were reading.

The book opens with a significant ceremony as it introduces the primary cast of characters. As the story goes on, you get glimpses of historic events that have led to the ceremony and its meaning. As I write this, I do not mean to say there are a lot of flashbacks, but more of memory sharing and backstory. In this way, it reads as a mystery.

The reader must keep going to learn the details of the making, and undoing of this cult. And the undoing falls to the hands of teenagers, the first generation born into this cult.

I did not give this book a 5th start, because I felt the ending moved too quickly and easily, tying up the story in a neat little bow. This is a pet peeve of mine when an author brings the reader along for a journey, but the destination is not quite what the journey built you up for.