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Amazing and eye opening read

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I received an advanced copy of this book from Penguin Teen after leaving an honest review of the first five chapters on Bookish First. The text I received is uncorrected and may change once the book is published in its final format.
Those first moments in reading The Virtue of Sin, I was immediately drawn into the story as I found myself routing for Miriam and Caleb. I wanted them to find a way to be together, yet wasn’t at all sure how it was going to play out. Picking it up a second time and going back to read it all, I realized that there was way more to the story than just the two of them.
Miriam lives in desert haven far away from the sins of the world called, New Jerusalem. In a world where she doesn’t get a choice nor does she have a voice either and when the marriage ceremony goes wrong she begins to question everything.
Before long you realize that New Jerusalem is a Religious cult run by a man named Daniel whose rules Miriam beings to question. She struggles with keeping silent and not keeping silent and along the way slowly finds her voice. There are women in this world who don’t have voices, who struggle and then you have the Miriam’s who find that voice and a way to speak out for herself and others.
It’s truly a captivating read and I highly recommend it to anyone struggling to find there voice in this world and to know that it is possible to find it and yourself.