Interesting Mix of Handsmaid Tale and Matched

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First off, let me say I love the cover. The five identical butterflies with one looking different and flying off. I'm hoping Miriam is the butterfly leaving.
Right off the bat, I was caught up in her story and her thoughts. While a part of her believes everything that she has instilled in her, she also has doubts and is able to think for herself. When she first see Aaron, she goes and sucks his poison right out, even though touching members of the opposite sex is forbidden, you can tell she has a good heart.
I find the way the boys (they are but 16) go to choose their wives. Though my heart hurt for Caleb especially because he refuses to choose a wife after Miriam is chosen by Aaron. Although it says in the blurb that the choosing goes wrong, but I have to know what happens! Especially because Caleb heard Deliah's name and chose to ignore it. Do Miriam and Aaron fall for each other? Does Miriam rebel and go after what her heart wants?? I'm dying to find out!