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Fabulous Dystopian/Cult Fiction

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I am hooked on the first few chapters of this book! I want to know what happens so badly! Do Miriam and Aaron stay together? Does Caleb stay in New Jerusalem? The writing is captivating and atmospheric. The topic, as with most dystopian fiction, fits in really well with the current global political climate. Cults like this have been around for ages. All of Christianity was once considered a cult! Maybe that's why we're still so fascinated with them. What is it about a person that can be so persuasive as to make an entire group of people, or an entire country, change their lifestyles, religions, and belief systems to mold to that one person? I would love to find out what happens.

As for the cover, it is beautiful, but I'm not sure how it connects to the book. I'm sure that further reading would make the connection obvious.