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When The Office meets The Circle

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I loved this book! It's a rom-com and mystery rolled into one. The interactions of the characters remind me of The Office. The company's over the top policies and benefits remind me of The Circle. The quirky main character, Ava, could easily be friends with Eleanor Oliphant and the witty dialogue throughout just pulls it all together to be one great experience!

In the years after a tragic accident, Ava is content to be alone with her plans to design The Very Nice Box and her simple routine life. But when Mat shows up as her new supervisor, her life gets turned upside down. As she becomes more and more enamored, she also begins to question if Mat is really who he claims to be.

This debut novel is a great tale of grief, dating, friendship, entitlement and trust. It's a fun, quick and suspenseful read that is both heart-warming and entertaining. Publication date is July 6, 2021.