Fantastically Fun

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I really loved this book. I must say, though, it did not go where I expected it to go. I had guessed it would be a cute little romantic comedy about two co-workers falling in love, and that's where it started, but it definitely took a turn (for the better). I was ready to put the book down after 100 pages, it was feeling kind of cheesy. I now realize that was probably the author's intention- to make the reader a bit confused on how the book could possibly continue for 200 more pages.
Despite being tired of it after 100 pages, I continued reading, and that's when it got good. We got a sense that something in the relationship wasn't quite right, maybe that the characters in the relationship were deeply flawed.
We continued to see things spiral downward for the main characters, and I loved it. It kept me on edge, and at this point I couldn't put it down. I actually burned cookies because I forgot they were in the oven while reading this book.
Everything about this book was just so fun. It was easy to read, had a flawed but likable main character, and a flawed but not-so-likable other main character. This book sends a powerful message about womanhood, relationships, grief, and the nature of being human.
This book is downright adorable, cozy, fun, and thrilling (and I must say that the ending is rather satisfying).