A Very Nice Box Indeed!

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Ava lives her life in a very regimented, efficient way. In part this is a survival mechanism she employees after a devastating accident leads to the loss of her parents and her fiancée.

She loves her life by focusing on units (30 mins) at a time and throws herself fully into her work, designing boxes.

Suddenly her black and white world is splashed with color from Mat, her new manager. He shakes up things at work by implementing steps that are an introverts worst nightmare, but somehow his support and interest in Ava when her over.

Then, surprisingly, Mat starts shaking up things in her personal life.

Just as it things seem perfect Ava begins to truly get to know Mat and he is NOT who he seems to be.

At first Ava buys all his explanations and gives him chance after chance but when an earth shattering realization is made she can no longer pretend he really is a good guy.