ATTENTION Fans of The Office

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I loved the series the Office, I may have watched it through 3 times, the characters are quirky yet they are like people you work with and see everyday. The visualization of the mundane and the management team building were scenes that anyone who works for a company or agency like Dunder Mifflin could relate. The MC in The Very Nice Box could easily be the senior exec that blends into the backroom at Dunder Mifflin..she has been there 10 years, comes to work every day and does her job..she doesnt want to get involved in tele shrinks or meetings that are loud, and forget a boss that has no idea about the company's mission . The MC is also reminiscent of Will Farrell's tax auditor character in Stranger than Fiction. She has divided her day with units of acceptable time for each task , much like Will counted each brush stroke , the same number each day when brushing his teeth . She is a unique character, and I think anyone who is an introvert possibly an INFJ will be able to see themselves in her; how is she going to deal with a showy younger boss? I cant wait to read more ..I hope she comes out of her shell and takes over!