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Messed with my head

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Tempest was born into a world of water. When the Great Waves destroyed the planet, people had to learn to survive on water. Tempe spends her days diving into the deep in order to scavenge anything worth Notes. She needs as many Notes as possible so she can revive her sister from death. The research facility, Palindromena, has perfected the art of reanimating people from death but only for 24 hours. When Tempe and Elysea finally reunite, Tempe is determined to finally get answers about her parents' death five years ago. But Elysea doesn't plan to spend her last hours in an awful facility, if Tempe wants answers she's going to have to break her out.

This was such a cool story. I'm pretty sure my brain is still scrambled from everything that happened because holy cake do I have whiplash from the ending! I loved the relationship between Tempe and Elysea. Tempe harbors a lot of grief, survivor's guilt and anger from her sister's death two years ago. But we get to see some of that resentment and anger dissolve as the two work on their relationship.

As the sisters rehash old events, they realize there's a chance that their parents are alive. But every minute is a countdown until Elysea will die again. The two immediately set out to figure out where their parents could be, but two employees from Palindromena are hot on their tail.

This book is full of heartbreak, grief and how its dealt with and an amazing asexual rep. There's also a dash of romance, but it is far from the main focus.