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In this sci-fi/fantasy novel, Tempest lives in a post climate change apocalyptic world. World leaders (somewhat) deliberately melted the entirety of the polar ice cap, and the resulting floods covered almost all land on the planet. Tempest is a scavenger, hunting in the ruins of the Old World, saving enough money to pay for a 24 hour reanimation of her sister, dead for two years. There's a question she desperately wants answered so that she can move on with her life. Lor works at the reanimation facility, tending the tanks that hold bodies eligible for reanimation. While the teaser doesn't say so explicitly, Lor is likely to be the employee who will be supervising the reanimation of Elysea, even though she is not trained in the process. I'm interested to learn how what appears to be the relatively normal death of Tempest and Elysea's parents will spin into a mystery and race against the clock for answers.