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John Hart's book "The Unwilling" kept me interested the entire time. I was surprised to like the book so much because it's not my typical choice of genre but it was really well done. This was my first book by John Hart but it certainly won't be my last.

This is a story of family, secrets, and tragedy. War took the life of one son and destroyed the life of another. After serving in Vietnam, Jason comes home a decorated killed and an addict. He winds up in prison, causing his parents to write him out of their lives and forbidding their youngest son, Gibby, from interacting with Jason. But after he gets out of prison, Jason looks for his kid brother and the two of them meet up. Then everything changes. Jason is suspected of murder and given his history, not many people argue in his favor.But Gibby insists that Jason is innocent and knows that it's up to him to prove his brother's innocence.

Readers are taken on a journey of discovery as the story continues. This was one book I couldn't put down.