Loved it!

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The Unwilling hits so many genres and sub-genres - historical fiction, mystery, thriller, police procedural, war, and at least two serial killers. I cannot remember the last book that I read in the Vietnam-era, if any. I am not a fan of battle scenes and I was so pleased that the mentions of war were told at a high level. Jason and Gibby French are brother's whose family has been ripped apart by the Vietnam war. Their parents are still grappling with the aftermath. Mrs. French is coping via denial and addiction and Mr. French is coping by immersing himself in his work.

I highly recommend anyone to go into The Unwilling blind and just allowing it to take you for a ride.

True crime readers and fans of Silence of the Lambs will love this book!

P.S. To Mr. John Hart, X needs his own spin-off book and so does Reece.

C/W: War, genocide, drugs, addiction, violence