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Guilty or not?

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The Unwilling is such an intriguing read!

Bestselling author John Hart is no stranger to the scene, that's for sure. He has a recognizable writing style and a true talent. The Unwilling is just another amazing book added to his already impressive list!

The Unwilling is set in the south during the time of the Vietnam War. We follow Gibby and his brother Jason in this book. Jason has already experienced the war firsthand. He won't talk about the trauma or hell he went through there or in prison. Gibby and Jason's other brother did not make it back from the war. Jason spent three years in prison after the war... He's misunderstood and hard to say the least. Jason is determined to build a relationship with his younger brother Gibby... so he convinces him to go to the lake with him and a few older women... But the day turns to hell when they encounter a prison transfer bus, and one of the women teases the prisoners causing a riot on the bus. The woman is murdered after this. The second woman with them is kidnapped soon after. Jason and Gibby are both suspects, Jason more so. Gibby must dive deep into Jason's life ... motorcylces, drugs, and more... to prove his innocence.

But who is guilty?