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John Hart never disappoints! This book is no exception. The Unwilling, I thought was a little different than his others, a little darker with just a different feel. There's some graphic parts, which does not typically bother me, however I have a friend who usually likes what I read and when she read this one, I believe she was bothered by some of the more graphic scenes. But, she still really enjoyed the book overall.
The characters, as always, are fantastic and well developed. They are deep and more to them than meets the eye, quite a dynamic between them all. I think it's always Hart's characters that are the best, more to them, meatier if you will. The story line is great and grabs you from the beginning and I didn't want to put it down.
Maybe not my favorite from him but I certainly still give it an A+. Can't wait for another one by one of my favorite authors.