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Families Changed Forever by Grief

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The Vietnam War continues to be a watershed time in American history: the draft, the protests and shooting of student protestors, Agent Orange that instantly decimated thick rainforests and went on to decimate human bodies, political lies laid bare, and gut-wrenching photographs that did not attempt to glorify war. Boil all of the emotions of these atrocities down and funnel them into one family, and you might have a sense of the plot of THE UNWILLING. Jason, the brother sent to Vietnam, survived his tour of duty, but he didn't come home unaffected. The mother seems strangely fragile emotionally while maintaining the ability to be strangely strict with the younger brother, Gibby. And the policeman father seems to have been struggling to hold the family together ever since the hometown accident that killed Jason's twin. Religious stories are evidence that clashes between generations are nothing new to modern times. Author Hart has created characters who demonstrate the personal catastrophies that are sometimes forgotten in the national news. This book promises to be a winner.