Sucked in From the Beginning!!

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Harriet Tubman used the underground railroad to set slaves free, but can she set herself free too? From the moment you read the first sentence, you're hooked. Harriet Tubman catches the reader in a moment not thought of when someone thinks of such a courageous woman. By the title, the reader expects to be taken on a journey by Harriet Tubman to free slaves by any means necessary. However, this is not the case. This book, seems to be a great heart wrenching story about Harriet Tubman trying to free herself, not from slavery, but from her own personal torments. She seems to be fighting two things at the same time: the Confederacy and their slaves and her own hurt.
The book is written from the narrative of Tubman which from the start sets the reader in Harriet's conflict, and you stay there. The author does a great job of capturing the emotion of the era and entwining it with personal drama. This book has hooked me, and it will hook you too.