Powerful & Moving

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This book was so incredible! Harriet Tubman was an incredibly brave and courageous woman who risked her life multiple times to help free those still in the chains of slavery. It was a powerful book, one that showed how hard it was for a woman, and a black one at that, to fight against the men who led, to prove her worth to them, to push her agenda, fight, and win and succeed in her goals of freeing black slaves. It was moving. I cannot imagine how she felt during her life, especially with all the risks she took. I really liked how the author took the road about Margaret being her daughter. I truly loved Samuel and Harriet together, and the author penned them and their personalities so perfectly. I agree with the author's statement about saintly women aren't sexless - and she added just the right touch of romance to this beautiful story about the Combahee and the residents of the plantations they freed. The cover is gorgeous, and the book was too!