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I'm not usually the type to enjoy historical fiction, especially pure historical fiction that doesn't have some kind of magical element involved in it, but I found myself very enchanted by this book.

Of course the idea of reading a fiction book about Harriet Tubman was very thrilling because she is such an important person in America's history. I kind of feel as if anything that I can get to learning more about this amazing woman is worth the time. Especially if the writing style is as nice and simplistic as it was in this book. Usually I find historical fiction to be really overbearing with the language because of a need to sound very intelligent but this book didn't give off that kind of vibe which I really appreciate.

I think that if you're the kind of person that likes Harriet Tubman, stories about slavery, and stories about the underground railroad then totally give this book a try. Definitely give it a try even if you're not interested in that stuff. It's a good read either way.