Interesting account of Harriet's life

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Set in 1863, The Tubman Command chronicles Harriet Tubman's adventures as a runaway slave who first joins the Underground Railroad and then later becomes a spy for the Union Army, freeing hundreds and hundreds of slaves during plantation raids.

"You always got an ansah. Dat must be why folk listen." - Septima about Harriet

Since there isn't very much recorded information about Harriet, much of this account is speculation on the author's part after in-depth research and piecing together various records. While I did enjoy learning about this strong, courageous woman, I found much of this account too dry for my tastes, and it only held my attention sporadically.

I read and enjoyed The Hamilton Affair (4 stars) by this author, although in my opinion, the battle scenes were a bit too long and detailed.

Location: South Carolina

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