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Thanks to Bookish First and the publisher for kindly providing me with an ARC... sorry it took me forever to get around to reviewing.

So, I have to say, this book is a little out of my usual comfort zone when it comes to the kind of books that I normally read. I'm not usually very interested in historical fiction, like at all. But I decided to give this one a chance after reading a sample chapter because the writing was so lyrical and just kept me entranced and interested.

However, once I actually sat down with my copy and tried to dig in, life got in the way. I found myself pushing it aside, time after time, until I could finally carve out a big enough chunk of time to give this book the time that it deserved. It didn't disappoint. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this one.

I never really gave much thought to Harriet Tubman as a person before. Sure, I know how amazing she was and how important what she did was. They taught us that in school, but this book goes about the subject in a whole new way. It gave her so much character she became a real person. The author truly has a magical way of making boring non-fiction come to life. I liked the way that the author took a normally dull textbook topic and really romanticized it for the modern reader.