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Tacky Christmas, not even

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I like contemporary romances that make me laugh. This book elicited several loud laughs, enough to make my cat check out the noise.
This is the typical cowboy/rancher and city woman romance. She needs a place to reconnect with her muse. She's a painter, an artist who paints excellent reproductions of famous paintings. He has taken over running his uncle's ranch when his uncle decided to retire. He has the space, but he'd rather not have a woman around the place. His uncle convinces him to rent an empty cottage on the ranch because his uncle is worried about his antisocial tendencies. He thinks his first impulse was correct because in less than a week she has managed to entangle him in a fake romance as part of a plan to keep her parents from splitting up.
This story is surrounded by the consumerist aspects of Christmas, the movies, the decorations, the cookies, the clothes. Friends and family enter is to it, but they are not as centered as one would like. Leaving that beside, I did enjoy the romances, the main one and the surrounding ones. There are many happy ever afters here and that is good.
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