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Loved it!

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I really enjoyed this book. The characters were fun to get to know. Suzanne St. Michelle is adorable. She is an artist looking to find her muse this Christmas at the cabin on Joshua Grady's ranch. She is looking to spend Christmas away from her parents, and the shadow of her mother's overwhelming fame as a sculptor. When her mom calls asking when she would be home for Christmas, she leads her mom to believe that she is in a relationship with Grady and would be spending Christmas with him. Her mom then tells her that she and her father are having problems and was hoping to have one last Christmas as a family, so they would just come to Colorado to be with her. Panicked, Suzanne comes up with and even crazier story about Grady loving Christmas and going overboard with decorations to try to dissuade her mother, but her mother insists. Suzanne must them convince Grady to be her"boyfriend," let her move into his house and decorate it with lights, tinsel, garland and any other gaudy decoration she can find. This will not be an easy sell because Grady hasn't celebrated Christmas in 17 years, and while he may be hot to look at, he has a very frosty demeanor. Sparks fly and passion erupts. This was such a fun read!