"Hokey" Christmas Romance

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In the words of Suzanne St. Michelle, the female character of the book, this was definitely a "hokey" Christmas romance. I had high hopes for a cozy Christmas love story to enjoy, but this book took me over a month to finish as I just couldn't get lost in Suzanne and Joshua's (or is he Grady?) love story. They seemed immature and too focused on NOT wanting to like each other. The entire story line just seemed unrealistic and cheesy. Suzanne needed Joshua Grady (sometimes he's called Joshua, other times he's called Grady - never really a consistent name for him) to be her "pretend boyfriend" so her parents can fall back in love as they come visit her from NYC and he's up for the act to get a few of her paintings she did of him. Of course, they fall into each other's arms with a few steamy scenes between them. You call all guess the ending, it is a "hokey" Christmas romance.