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4.5 Stars!

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The Trouble with Christmas was a really fun story with a couple of well-written main characters. Since I tend to be overly picky, I always appreciate an enjoyable heroine and Suzanne was quirky, artsy, and thoughtful. Grady was my favorite kind of hero with his broody, broken, and loner disposition. With a hero constrained by his past and a heroine constrained by self-doubt and family expectations, there were some serious obstacles in the way of a happily-ever-after. The delicious romantic tension made the journey worth it.

Suzanne ingratiated herself into Grady's life in a surprisingly believable way using forced proximity and a fake romance. While the fake romance trope isn't a favorite of mine, this author avoided all the reasons why I'm not usually drawn to it. Most pointedly, the inevitable discovery. In the end, what I read was a fun and sexy romance with some well-written romantic tension and lovable main characters.