Joshua Grady enjoys his serenity until it’s shattered by the arrival of a chatty woman in a Scooby Mobile!

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After twelve years of military service Joshua Grady prefers to live a quiet life as a rancher in Colorado. He is known as a man of few words, a “manly man” who doesn’t do neighborly because he enjoys his solitude. His quiet existence ends the day Suzanne St. Michelle shows up at his ranch in a van that looks like something out of a Scooby-Doo cartoon. With her startling blue eyes, curvy body and chatty personality she manages to get under Grady’s skin. Although he tries everything to ignore her presence at the ranch, he finds himself continually thinking about her.

Suzanne St. Michelle has decided to spend her holidays in Colorado. At the urging of her good friend Winona she rents a cottage on a ranch and decides to paint the beautiful winter scenery. After years of working as a reproduction artist and painting well known artwork for private collectors, Suzanne hopes to find her muse and create her own masterpiece. However, once she meets the very attractive and surly Joshua Grady she discovers that her muse no longer wants to paint scenery. Instead both she and her muse are enamored with Grady. Will she be able to control her muse or will her muse control her? When she encounters a shirtless Grady in the mud room and things really heat up, will she be able to control her attraction to him? I look forward to reading more of this delightful story.

I really enjoyed this excerpt from The Trouble With Christmas. The authors humor and descriptive writing style immediately captured and held my attention. The cover is great and it definitely fits the story!