Top books of 2021

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This book was AMAZING. Words can not begin to express how much I loved it. First of all, the plot drew me in instantly. The story was incredibly suspenseful and fast paced (I read it it practically one sitting).
I also really loved the side romance. I enjoyed how it wasn’t the main plot, but still contributed to the story and character development. I really connected to the characters and cared what happened to them.
At first, I had mixed feelings in regards to how the school shooter was given so much of his one POV. Despite this, I found that the author handled this with care and sensitivity. It explained his motivations and backstory in a way that didn’t excuse his actions. (Honestly, I think that the author portrayed the serious topics within the book with great test overall.)
The prose of the book was also a highlight. It was very obvious that the author is primarily a poet, all of the words blending together in an interesting way.
Overall, I loved it. Definitely one of my top books of 2021!