Strong characters and spooky plot

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This book was really good, and I had a hard time putting it down. Jake is a relatively quiet character who is very smart but doesn't see the reason in school. Sawyer is also quiet, but his mind wages a war inside him, and he can't help the urge to hurt others and himself. Ryan Douglas takes us inside the mind of a killer and makes us empathize with him. He makes us realize there is darkness inside all of us and we have to be careful not to go down the same path. It's important to see the humanity in everyone, even if they seem like a monster from the outside.

Jake is cursed to see the land of the dead, and they are wherever he turns. It makes living his life as a high schooler boring and difficult, especially when he meets Allister, a charming young man that might finally snap Jake out of the depressed half-life he's been living in.

I loved this book because it's diverse and has an interesting plot. It opened my eyes to issues I wasn't aware of and helped me gain a better understanding of real-world problems while still giving me a completely fantastical experience.